Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Week 2

This week, gets a Saturday Post!

I can gladly walk you through the week, so you can see why!

We had a busy busy week this week at both school and home and today, I'm feeling it!  On a good note, we have no school next week, because of Spring Break! Personally, I'd rather to skip Spring Break and continue to be in the classroom.  I truly LOVE my job! On a realistic note, my body is telling me I need to rest a bit. My brain is telling me I need to some housework, some end of the year school planning, a visit to my mom (maybe half way!).  The brain just has a list that's longer than some kiddo's Christmas List to Santa because it's just non-stop!  At least, we know it's working!!  :)

This week, we started off the week with the Easter Baskets that we started on Friday and watercolored the some eggs to put inside.  This was a fun craft and turned out pretty cute!  The kids did an awesome job.  We have learned, if you do not cut out the items you want the children to color or paint, they cover more of the project. Melissa and I have truly become "expert" cutters! We also finished up the eggs for our Bulletin Board. They too, were watercolored, so we took care of two things while the paints were out!

After school on Monday, Miya, my youngest Granddaughter, had ball practice! I can honestly say, I skipped out on practice this time.  She had Mommy, Daddy, Granddaddy, and even her sister, Kendra.  I stayed home and found some COOL stuff for Earth Day!

For Tuesday, We made had the children paint some yellow chicks! We added a little Easter Poem, that I found from last year, and had a cute little craft!!

After school, we had to take a quick little trip to Costco, to return a Fisher Price batting tee and pitching set. (It was missing the hardware to put it together safely) While there, I had a few samples and Miya slept in the buggy as I made my way through the store.  Let me say, if you have not had Mango with Peach Salsa, oh my stars, you need to try it!! I would have never just walked over and bought this.  But the lady asked if I would sample it, and with a tiny hesitation, I did!  My taste buds went straight to Heaven!! I wanted to take all the lady's chips so she would have to go to the other side of the store for another sample!! I know, the easiest thing would have been to just ASK! Instead, I did the right thing, took one of her bags of chips and BOUGHT the salsa!! We came back home in time for Miya to get to her first Scrimmage game and for Bennie, my husband to go to work.

Now, Wednesday, I am sad to say, we didn't get to do a craft.  For this is the day our School Photographer decided to come and take individual and class photos.  This was the day that was scheduled for our class. The weather outside was just GORGEOUS! We decided the kiddos really needed the fresh air and got them out.  Wednesday is also our Music Day. We have the MOST AWESOME music teacher in the world,  Mrs. Tara!! Mrs. Tara has a children's band, and teaches many little kiddo music classes outside the classrooms.  Mrs. Tara and The Mud Puppy Band can certainly get the kids jumping and dancing in a skinny minute!! Should you ever get the chance to go to a concert, you really should. Oh yeah, and it helps if you have some little kids to go with you!

After school on Wednesday, I came up with a hair brained idea and decided we all needed a break at home to not have to think about anything! We loaded back up into the trusty van and we went to see "Chipwrecked"! It was a cute little Chipmunk movie. Miya fell asleep and Kendra really enjoyed it!! I love cute movies at the $1.99 movie theater!! After the movie and getting the kids in bed, I decided to make some cheeto carrots for Easter Bunny to hand out at our Egg Hunt, only to find out, I didn't have enough. Well, that was okay, I'd have something to give the kiddos on Friday! Not a problem!

Thursday, was yet, another busy day for our classroom, Kendra's classroom, and for even little Miya! We don't have a craft for Thursday, but we did have an awesome Easter Egg Hunt with a visit from none other than the EASTER BUNNY!!  Kendra and Miya had their pictures taken, along with class photos! Melissa was awesome enough to actually take the girls up to get their individual pictures taken.  I had the privilege in having a mom stay in the classroom as children arrived.  I can say, Spring Fever had definitely set in with some of my precious little boys!! While Melissa was gone, I realized Lakendra had forgotten her Easter Basket in our classroom. Melissa returned to say Lakendra was distraught about leaving her basket behind. I took the basket to her classroom, saving the day to a 6 year old!! By now, you can tell, Lakendra's class was also having an Easter Egg Hunt! I went back to the classroom to discover one of our mom's brought in a cooler with bottled waters and juice boxes for the Egg Hunt.  I borrowed a wagon and then loaded up two coolers,  (We had brought one filled with sunny delight for Lakendra's class!) and filled them with ice to make sure everything would be good and cold for our 85 degree weather day! One cooler was placed where they needed it for Kendra's class, and then our cooler was brought back to the classroom.  Sometimes, it's hard being a Gramma and a teacher, but, I have the best parents and they totally understand.  We then, took the kids outside to release some of that "spring fever"! We came inside to have our lunch and I had yet another hair brained idea!! The same mom that brought in the cooler for our classroom, volunteered so sweetly to put on the bunny costume and have pictures taken with our class. I was going to do this and really love doing so, but, I also like to take pictures and make sure everyone is having a good time and doing what they are suppose to do.  I was pulling out the costume and decided to show the children so they wouldn't be scared!!  When I got the costume on, (finally my hair brained idea) I decided to surprise the kindergarten class by showing up to their Easter Egg Hunt!  I can say, they were certainly surprised!! One to see the Easter Bunny and two for them to recognize me as Lakendra's Gramma!  Luckily for me, Lakendra was not embarrassed and gave me the biggest hug!! Then I decided to visit all the classrooms except the baby and toddler room, I didn't want to scare anyone. Almost the entire school was visited by Mrs. Sherry, the Easter Bunny! It was finally time for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Got the costume off and laid out for our precious mom, Jackie! After the Easter Egg Hunt, we enjoyed cookies from another precious mom, Brittany.  Juice boxes and water was provided by Jackie and Susan! A fabulous day indeed!

After school, Miya had yet another scrimmage ball game!

Friday, our mixture of Young Twos and Older Twos Classroom.  Laurie and I were right on top of it!  We made little chicks out of an egg shape. It had long little legs and handprint wings that moved. They definitely had PERSONALITY, once the children added their touches! We had an awesome day, and after school, I found the cheeto carrots! I FORGOT to send them home with the kiddos.  Sigh!!
After school we went to visit my Aunt and surprised her with none other than cheeto carrots!!  :)

Came home to run an errand and then head off to a 6pm birthday party at Putt-Putt.  We came home right about 9:30 last night and I think everyone in the house shortly crashed!!

Spring Break has officially begun.  No school for a week! Happy Easter to all!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Week 1

Wow!! It's Friday again!  I love Fridays, but not because it's the weekend.  It's because, I have the opportunity of sharing another week at Preschool!! I honestly can't say enough, how much I LOVE my job!  Not many people have the opportunity to say, they get to play all day at their job!  Now, don't get me wrong, some days, I EARN my paycheck! I'd just not be telling the truth if I said that everything is just peachy!  But all the little hugs, kisses, treasures, (even nose boogies, because at least you get to choose to put those in a tissue and not find them on a wall!), and big 'ole smiles are so worth it all!  I have to be honest, if one of your little boys come up to you and give you one of their PRECIOUS acorns, you have accomplished something! Acorns are among the most prized treasure to a 2 and 3 year old!!  Awesome Parents fit in that mix as well.  We so appreciate all our Parents and what they do for us!  We have a TERRIFIC group of kiddos and parents this year!  I can't thank them all enough!!

This week, we started on our Easter Projects!  We are having a great time!!

On Monday: We made, footprint and handprint bunnies!  We just traced their shoe print, and traced along their four fingers, which were spread apart, and along their hand for the bunny head.  We added a little cotton ball tail.  The children added sticker eyes to give each one personality! Normally, when we do this, we add the song (not the whole song) "Peter Cottontail" but instead of using the name Peter, we change the name to the kiddo's name.  Now, this year, I am not sure where my head was because I totally FORGOT! My granddaughter, Lakendra was watching me upload pictures to the computer and SHE is the one that said, "Gramma, did you sing Peter Cottontail this year but with their names!" My mouth dropped wide and then I kicked myself for three days wondering why I and how I forgot!! If we had of remembered, it would have said, "Here come Lakendra Cottontail. Hopping down the bunny trail. Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!"

Also on Monday, we water-colored some eggs for our Bulletin Board. I didn't take a picture of it yet, because, we had a few kiddos out and it isn't finished.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a terrific day!  We painted an egg shape with a plastic coin filled (for weight) Easter Egg. It's the same concept as rubber ball or marble painting.  We placed the large egg shape in a deep plastic dish and watched the Easter Egg do it's magic as we shook the container back and forth.  We used some pastel colors, glued it down to a bright sheet of construction paper with the poem.  "This little egg as cute as can be Was painted with love from me. Using a plastic egg and pretty paint, Creating art so quaint.  Each little line and squiggle Was greeted with smiles and even a giggle. We hope you know what we're trying to say. Have a Happy Easter in every way!"

Wednesday: I half way hang my head.  Time almost slipped from us!  We went outside, enjoyed the fabulous weather! Then came in for lunch and got ready for our music class and then I remembered, we hadn't done our craft yet!! We looked through our trusty notebook and I found this little craft.  It was simple, quick to do, and we had something to take home.  Some of the children didn't really get the concept.   They wanted to see bunnies not tails and there was NO grass to boot.. Most smiled, but some looked at it and was actually trying to see the reality in it.

Thursday: This was a fun fun craft.  The kiddos LOVE it when we pull out the the bingo dabbers.  These were actually ordered from a school supply store. We picked out some of the brighter ones.  The chick hiding inside the egg is also egg shaped. Not sure if you can tell or not, but it has a  yellow feather sticking up on top of it's head.  We used a brad (paper fastener) to the egg at the crack, so it would open to reveal the chick.

Friday: We attempted two crafts today, but, didn't quite finish up on the second.  Time flies when you're having fun!  We painted their foot to make a little chick, using orange construction paper for the beaks and legs, and sticker eyes.  (Sticker eyes are awesome, and do not create the choking hazard like the wiggly googly ones.) You may notice quite a shine on this craft, we decided to laminate these for a keep sake.  We also colored an Easter Basket, we were going to fill it with water-colored eggs, but the storm held off that we were suppose to have and we went outside.  We have exactly one week to get this one finished.  Now, that wouldn't be a problem, but, if you remember, on Fridays we combine kiddos from the two 2 year old classes.  In order to get this done, we will have to keep up with our class through the week and pull in kiddos from the other class too! We have Faith, it will get done!!

See ya next week! May you all have the best of weekends and remember to count your Blessings,
they are all around you!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Week

Wow, what a busy week this week!

Melissa and I decided to do a week of St. Patrick's Day Crafts at school!

Monday, we made "Puffy Shamrocks". We had the children paint a large white sheet of construction paper green.  Stapled the edges. Added our poem. Stuffed with poly-fiber-fil. Stapling to close.

Tuesday, the children painted a shamrock with a half blown up balloon.  A poem was added and we finished up lickety split!  The children were amazed how the balloon could be used as a painting tool!  (We like the balloon because it leaves a cool print on the picture)

Wednesday, one of Melissa's friends, Jamie, discovered on Pinterest, the leprechaun! Our kiddos loved painting the paper plate, and especially sticking on the eye stickers.  We had to do the cutting around the plate, but the kiddos had a lot of fun bending and playing with the "beard" of the leprechaun!

Wednesday night, we stuffed plastic Easter Eggs with a toy trinket and tootsie rolls for Miya's class! Another thing to check off our list for this month.

Thursday, we kept things a little simple.  This craft started out as a mobile project off Shelley Lovett, is awesome! She has a lot of ideas and will share them on her website on a daily basis.  She has video, crafts, worksheets, you name it, it's just about there!!  Time got away from us, so we turned it into a textured type project.  The rainbow had cotton ball clouds.  The pot of gold was sprinkled with glitter to shine, and the rainbow, the pot, and the shamrock were all colored with crayons.

Also on Thursday, at school, Miya's class and the rest of the three year old classes had a St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Thursday night, we put names on Lakendra's eggs for her class Easter Egg Hunt.  (The teachers requested us to put names on the eggs for name recognition.  The kiddos have to find the eggs with only their names! This does extend the Easter Egg Hunt, and the children all get the same amount of eggs!)

Friday, thanks to Pinterest, again! We made the pretzel shamrocks.  The original post used pretzels, a candy kiss, and M&M's.  Laurie and I chose to just use Whipped Milk Chocolate Frosting instead, to keep this project "No Bake"! Now, mind you, the children (and us too!) had frosting in places you would never dream frosting would be or would you want it to be!  We had a kiddo decide to finger paint with his project.  Only ONE child didn't like this one! We sure have some pretty picky eaters too!!!

Once home from school and after dinner was done, facebook checked, some Pinterest searching, Kendra asked if we could finish up her "Planet Project".  It's due at school on the 20th, and that is approaching fast, I agreed to help her with my part.  Lakendra's Granddaddy Bennie, helped her get her sentences done explaining the planet, that she created.  I sat Kendra down with some birthday streamers and a white cheapy paper plate a while back to "create" a newly discovered planet!  BLOB was the lucky Planet's name and Blobbies were the life form on her planet! Kendra found some Bulletin Board cutouts that I had stashed for some reason or another, and asked if we could add it to the poster.  My job was try and actually fit everything that she wanted to use on the actual poster.  I didn't get to fit EVERYTHING she wanted, but she was okay with the finished project.  It's a wonderful feeling that our project is complete and we don't have to worry with it all weekend!!

Now, time to find our green and wear it proudly tomorrow, March 17th!!

Next week, we will start on our EASTER stuff!  We will have two weeks of Easter Crafts!

See you, hopefully next Friday!!
Sherry :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Slushy Magic

I know it hasn't been a week yet!

Actually, we didn't even do this at school.  This was a home project!

The company of the product didn't pay me in any way to advertise.  I'm doing this
because IT WORKS! This product has amazed me and IT WORKS!  Did I mention that

I didn't order it off TV.  I purchased two of these at CVS in the As Seen On TV aisle.
I paid $14.99 each.  I was actually hoping it would work!!  I kinda did a little homework
and every thing I saw mentioned that it worked.

We tried orange juice first, Lakendra (and everyone else that had a spoon in hand) tasted it
and loved the orange juice slush.  Miya wanted a milk slushy, (nobody stood in line for a taste,
and at first she liked it, but quickly decided not) Next time, I may add a little vanilla flavoring for
more of a milk shake taste!  Before trying, we did allow the "magic ice cubes" to freeze a good
24 hours after washing them with warm soapy water!

I am requesting that you purchase one for each kiddo or order some extra  "magic ice cubes"!
If you just order the cubes, you won't have the "plastic shakey container" or the "special straw spoon!"
Which COULD possibly give reason for a "Disagreement" between kiddos!

I will try and contain myself from interrupting my weekly blog, but, SOMETIMES, ya just explode with excitement!!  :)

Have an awesome week!!!

Taken with flash! (Front of box)

Taken without flash! (Front of box)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Colors, March, and Birthday

I'm excited to say, that I am starting to enjoy this blogging experience!
I have actually been excited all week, for the weekend to get here, so I could post another!
It took me a bit to find HOW to post another blog, but, I'm in hopes I found it!  :)  (I actually think I did)
Just remember, I am learning, so excuse the typos, punctuation, and any other mistakes that you find.  :)
If you're looking for perfection, you're at the wrong blog!

This was a very exciting week for us at school! Well, for me anyhow!  :)  Thursday, March 8th, I turned
the ripe age of 48! Whoo hooo!  I am so proud of my age and my many accomplishments that I have
already made at this point in my life!  Being a Gramma is absolutely awesome! I have four precious Grandchildren.  Two of which are all grown up!  Samantha is 19, Jamie is 17, Lakendra is 6, and
JaMiya is 4!

Monday, the copy machine at work was down, so we didn't have a cool craft to post.

Tuesday, we made edible pretzel crayons. These were made with pretzel rods, whipped vanilla frosting, and some very cool "crayon labels" that were made by a wonderful friend of mine, Jason Brigham!  I was in hopes that he would be able to teach me how to make the labels, but instead, he surprised me with my very own.  SO, now, I baby my original and make copies each year.

Wednesday, we made the most awesome blue birds.  This is thanks to a former teacher that worked with us last year, Mrs. Lee Hobbs.  She brought in some small cardboard tubes that her husband came across and
donated them all to the school.  We saw a picture of this craft where they used marker tops.  We decided to paint the tubes and give them a try.  Our little kiddos absolutely loved them.  When showing them to an older group of kiddos, (they were discussing recycling) they wanted to make the blue birds too!

Thursday was definitely my special day!  It was my birthday!  We made cute little green birthday frogs! My class, kiddos and parents, are absolutely wonderful! I was adorned with all kinds of gifts, cards, hugs, and treasures!  Just an awesome day at work!!  I know I mentioned in my first post, that I would never post pictures of any of our kiddos from the classroom, only my own Grandchildren.  When talking to some of my moms in the class, without hesitation, they told me that I could definitely post pictures of their own children.  The little fellow in this picture is from our classroom!!  These little frogs were a HUGE hit! Everyone in the classroom LOVED them!!

Fridays are a little different.  On Fridays I have a different partner than through the week. Now, Laurie is awesome with the kiddos!  It's different, because, this year, it's considered a drop in day.  We combine some kiddos from mine and Melissa's class and some kiddos from Laurie and Jo's class. (They are younger twos. We are older twos.) On Fridays our craft is a little simpler to accommodate the different ages.  You're probably thinking.. they are all twos what's the difference??  Well, unless you have worked with two year olds, you truly might not understand!  It is amazing, at this age, the differences.  Most of mine and Melissa's kiddos have already turned 3!  Laurie and Jo's kiddos will all start having their 3rd birthdays this month.  We all agree that we all love our little kiddos and all are precious! We also let them know on a daily basis how proud we are of their many accomplishments.  The biggest at this age will be POTTY TRAINING!  Today, we just made a little March windsock!  Turned out quite cute!

Have a great weekend!  See you next week!!  :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. Seuss Week

First, I shall introduce myself!

I'm Sherry and I work with my daughter, Melissa, in an Older Two Year Old Classroom!
We love our job and take every day with stride!  We would never put any of our children
on the big world wide web, so the kiddos you may see in pictures posted is none other than
my two Granddaughters! (Melissa's Nieces!) I also need to add, on Fridays, I work with one
of my best friends, Laurie! Melissa has a Nanny Job on Fridays, this year!

I've actually created this blog so we can share our crafting ideas that we make in our
Classroom using Pinterest.  I'm not going to promise a daily entry, but I will do my best to
at least give a weekly one.

Melissa and I like using cheesy rhyming poems, and quotes from different books.
Sometimes, we make them up and sometimes we just copy them.  Most, we make up.
I will do my best when posting a copy, that I try and give credit to the people/person that
originally thought it up.  I do apologize in advance for any mistaken identities.

Unfortunately, today, our copy machine at work was down. We just enjoyed the great sunshine and
spent a lot of time outside and finishing up our Spanish Folders and getting most people all caught up.
Sometimes, as most of you know, it's not easy working with 2 and 3 year olds especially when they
come to school different days!  We have some that come all 5 days, and some that come 4 days, 3, 2, and even one that comes only 1 day a week!!  But, we do our best and work with what we have!!

Last week, we had a lot of fun with Dr. Seuss's birthday.  I will post these pictures.  We shall see what next week brings!!  I hope you enjoy these as much as we had fun making them.

This was from: "The Foot Book"

                                                               This was from: "The Lorax"

                                                      This was from: "The Cat in the Hat"

                                                  This one is from: "Green Eggs and Ham"

                                                       This one is just a Cat in the Hat Headband
                                                               to honor Dr. Seuss' Birthday!